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Delphi is a powerfull software development tool based on Object Pascal, an object-oriented programming language. It includes a state of the art IDE that was used as a model by many other development tools along the years, and was one of the pioneers of the implenentation of RAD concept.
It was designed by Anders Hejlsberg, one of the most influential software engineer of our time, who among other achievements is also the lead architect of C# and a core developer of the TypeScript (a superset of Javascript).
Delphi is designed in such a way that the desktop applications built with it do not require any third party libraries or frameworks to run.

Also the applications build with Delphi are compact, lightning fast, provide the posibility to design beautifull UI's while being able to connect to virtually any Database or datasource out-of-the-box.

With technology moving faster and faster every day, developers need to keep up the pace and come up with solutions to everyday's problems faster too.
Delphi is considered by many to be the best tool, over all other tools, because it helps speed up all your desktop app, workstation, and touch kiosks development radically without sacrificing the quality of programming power.

We have many years of experience in executing various custom projects ranging from small to high platforms in the technology for our customers.


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