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We supply special services for enterprises. No matter who you are - a huge international company or an adventurous individual, we provide solutions for everyone. There are a lot of different platforms that can make your sales and client base grow. They include whole range of possible functions all-in-one.

For example, E-commerce platforms allow you to sell your goods worldwide without the need to have physical shop. If you already have a growing business, E-commerce will be your best helper. You can use mobile solutions to be with clients 24/7 all over the world on all the devices. Advantages and opportunities of this approach are obvious.

Be at control of every single part of your business. Web admin panels give you an ability to administrate the work flow from any part of the world - you can give assignments to your employees in New York while being in Australia yourself. All of this we can bring to you in fast and efficient manner.


Whether it is a big retail shop, a reputed brand or a small brick-n-mortar store, we work closely with merchants of all scales to create a digital bridge between the products and the potential customers. Our impeccable experience of working with thousands of e-commerce businesses takes us way beyond creating your website – and work with you closely to transform your online sales with definite e-commerce strategy, with marketing as well as engagement tactics.

If you need internet shop as fast as possible and do not want to waste time on custom sites - there is great variety of ready-made platforms for you. Such platforms are easy to set up, have a full range of needed tools and are extensions-friendly. The functionality of common eCommerce websites can be increased by installing proper plug-ins. If you want to implement your original ideas to your online store, the standard functionality may be not enough. In this case Clever Applications is ready to assist you. We are ready to expand the possibilities of your website according to your preferences and business needs.

We are the team of experienced and ‘outside the box’ thinking developers and designers. We tend to deliver memorable and creative solutions. Our passion is to see how our eCommerce solutions make your business succeed. We follow the latest and the most innovative tech trends to deliver the top-notch products. We are responsible for the results of our work, providing you with post-release support and maintenance services, trainings and tutorials. Our clients are the part of the project team. Through constant collaboration we achieve the best results.

Backend Apps

To accomplish this, they rely on servers and software services to move this data around. Backend development is the software layer which glues our apps together.

In some cases apps have a publicly available front-end. Facebook is a good example of this. You take, share and comment on photos and these are instantly available on the web-based version of Facebook. Backend development makes this happen.

Clever Applications understand and produce these systems. And in conjunction with our web design and development team, we provide a wide variety of services to support and partner your apps.

Apps connect users for sharing photos, videos, messages and more.
If an app or product requires regular management and updating we have a variety of solutions to help. Sometimes a project requires a custom backend or administration interface. In this instance we will usually a backend. In some cases though, it can make sense to use an existing off-the-shelf system or product.

We use popular open-source products such as October, Shopware, Magento and WordPress; and we can integrate either of these systems with your app. This is particularly beneficial if you’re already using these systems to power your business website. WordPress in particular has strong CMS ability and can integrate with many systems. This can include sending and receiving data to and from an app and also:

  • User authentication, account updates and approvals
  • Product and content delivery for apps
  • Photo sharing, sending and receiving


APIs, short for Application Programming Interfaces are a set of protocols, routines and tools for building software applications. They allow separate systems to communicate with each other, securely sending, transferring and receiving information. An API allows other systems or programmes to connect and retrieve information in a secure and controlled way, minimising the security risks.


Clever Applications have delivered many software systems API’s. We can advise, produce specifications and deliver fully functioning web and internet based services.

Typical uses can include user authentication and logins from an app; the uploading and retrieving of photos and videos; or simply sharing information to a social service such as Facebook or Twitter.


At Clever Applications we regularly integrate the client’s website or app with information from other systems. Projects range from simply retrieving weather information for a service such as Yahoo weather and displaying it on a website; right through to connecting user authentication databases and management systems together.



Since WordPress platform was born in 2004, it revolutionised the whole web society. Never site building was such an easy and pleasant process. Now every user can manage content of the site and change its modules without any specific knowledge.

October is a free, open-source, self-hosted CMS platform based on the Laravel PHP Framework. October is conceived as a "back to basics" web platform that makes website creation, design, and editing faster and more intuitive. The October CMS covers an extensive range of capabilities such as users, permissions, and plugins; it can be utilized to build everything from simple promotional sites to powerful web applications. Like WordPress, October supports the use of themes.

If your site is not supposed to be heavily loaded with functionality (some blog or gallery for example), using the CMS will be the best solution. We provide services connected with the development using WordPress and October. The main benefit of the CMS is that you can manage your site content and overlook without calling your programmer all the time.

Once the system is set up and tuned up by us, you can manage it without any efforts. If you already have ready-made CMS site, but want to add some unique functionality, plugins will be in handy. There is enormously huge number of existing plugins, all of them can enlarge the functionality of your site or make it look different. Just choose the right one, and we will implement it to your site. If there is no right plugin - we can create it from the scratch.


EspoCRM is an open-source web application that enables users to view, enter and analyze their organization’s relationships with customers and partners alike. Blazingly fast and highly configurable, EspoCRM presents users with a web-based CRM platform that will simplifies and streamlines the analysis of their consumers’ actions and behavior so they can create or improve their products and services to meet specific needs and demands.

EspoCRM is an ideal CRM tool for players in the wholesale and retail trade, e-commerce, education, travel and tourism, banking and finance, customer service, healthcare, manufacturing, and real estate to name a few. You have the option to deploy the software on-premise or in the cloud. This flexibility gives you more than just a wiggle room you need to implement the software based on your needs and specifications.

For small businesses, a CRM system may simply help you put your data in the cloud, making it accessible in real time, across any device. But as you grow, a CRM can quickly expand to include more sophisticated features to help teams collaborate with colleagues and customers, send customized emails, gather insights from social media conversations, and get a holistic picture of your business health in real time.

Today growing businesses manage customer connections and information in a variety of ways. Some use old fashioned note cards and Rolodex. Others store information on their mobile phone while on the go. Others use Excel spreadsheets or Google documents. While that may help in the short term when you have a small team and don’t plan on scaling your business, if you want to scale for fast growth, it may be time to consider a CRM system to help you collect your precious business data in one place, make it accessible via the cloud, and free up your time to focus on delighting customers rather than letting valuable insights and information fall through the cracks.

Though CRM systems have traditionally been used as tools for sales and marketing departments, customer service teams are seeing big benefits from a CRM platform as well. Today's customer has a wide variety of channels to choose from when seeking help with a customer service issue — they may start by sending a tweet, then switch to email or phone to resolve the issue in private. A CRM platform helps service teams manage customers requests coming in from all channels without missing a beat.

Shop Migration

All-in-One Data Migration Service

We'll perform data migration and provide all the necessary migration & customization for you

Clever Applications is well-known as a data migration company provides not only accurate and excellent with the basic service. To make your experience of transferring more convenient and professional, we have developed the All – In – One Migration service. All – In – One is indeed revolutionary service to help you optimize your time as well as your cost. It is a full migration service and is performed by our data expert. No matter what your source or your target is. Don’t need any technical skills and knowledge. Only thing you need to do is contact us and just wait a few hours to get new store with accurately migrated data.

What We Do?

This service provides high quality migration service with low cost. We will perform data migration and provide all the necessary customization for you. The main goal is to save time and minimize efforts of e-merchants.

Pre-Migration Validation

Check your carts info and install migration tool.

Result Validation

Check your store to ensure that all data was transferred accurately.

Data Migration

Perform full migration and Provide all the necessary customization.


We provide 1 Free re-migration for 15 days after Full Migration.

Data Mining

Clever Applications has been developing data mining technologies to provide companies with valuable business intelligence and to create new technologies for startups

Web crawling and data mining tools have become a required investment for smart enterprises. The actionable intelligence gained through implementing the right web crawling and data mining tools plays a critical role in your business’ current operations and sales as well as guiding the direction of your strategy going forward. Clever Applications web crawling and data mining experts work under the assumption that virtually any type of information can be mined. We can develop and implement customized solutions designed to crawl your company’s site, a competitor site, or even the web in general performing searches based on your predetermined criteria.

We’ve developed data mining solutions for clients across a wide range of industries that help them gather the exact, accurate information needed to make strategic business and marketing decisions based on the facts, not just educated guesses or perceptions. Clever Applications data mining solutions streamline the process of gathering massive amounts of data and transforming it into a simple format. Once that data is analyzed, you can use it to accurately predict any number of actions, behaviors, and risks so your business can be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to improving response rates, encouraging loyalty, and estimating consumer demand.

The information is out there. Clever Applications data mining experts help you access it. Our reporting formats are customized to your specifications and of course, can be updated as your needs change. For example, we’ve developed solutions for finding broken web site links, gathering email and postal addresses and social network profiles, and collecting URLs of pages with bank details. With Clever Applications expertise in data mining, the possibilities are as endless as the benefits to your business intelligence. Whatever you’d like to know about your own business, industry, or even your competition, Clever Applications can develop a solution to help you find out.

Fast Technology

Fast technology development makes eCommerce an integral part of today’s business, enabling it not only preserve but also expand its market position. The main advantage for you is that your clients can find info about your goods and services anytime and from any place, which includes prices and conditions of sale, for example. This approach allows them to make the necessary purchase on the most favorable terms.
E-commerce provides marketing services to suppliers in real time and allows them to make transactions without opening offices or hiring foreign agents. Fast and guaranteed delivery provides wholesale and retail trade and reduces the range of required reserves. And this, in turn, helps companies, primarily small and medium sized, to reduce their costs. In simple words, you can create million worth business in your garage having only PC and internet connection.

If you have an idea and want to make a significant impact on the market, why not contact us today.


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